Who We Are

Camelio is not a bag, or a wallet, or a brand. It’s a promise.


A promise to deliver the best in design and craftsmanship.
A promise to work only with the highest quality materials.
A promise to create solutions that are timeless, durable, and reliable.


We strive to preserve the best of the past while designing products that are equipped for the future. Over a decade of experience in hand-crafting accessories has taught us how to blend traditional leatherwork and artistry with modern streamlined design and silhouettes, creating a finish that’s truly global.


We firmly believe that fast fashion should not incur a compromise in manufacturing techniques or in material quality. We also believe that the modern consumer is a citizen of the world, while simultaneously rooted in the culture of their homeland.


And that is why every piece we present before you is a result of our philosophy: to offer pure leather solutions that level up your life experiences.

A Note About Our Products

Our leather comes from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Brazil, and India depending on the product line. Certain grades are best suited for certain products; we ensure the best match.


We do all our stitch-work using Gutermann thread from Germany.The fabric used in some products like stretchable belts is imported from Belgium. Metal fittings like zippers, buckles, chains are made using a corrosion resistant nickel alloy.


All of this sums up to a product that not only looks good, but lasts long. Really long.


The magic of leather only begins after months of use, as it develops its classic ‘worn’ look.


Our customer writes about our quality