Laptop sleeves = Peace of mind?

June 18, 2021

Earlier, before the pandemic (Pre Covid times!) not everyone necessarily needed a laptop. Now, however it is a necessity, like the mobile phone. We travel everywhere with it, work on it in coffee shops, airports, cafes, literally everywhere.
The laptop is often considered a bulky item, with its mouse and its charging cables but what if all of these items fit into one sleek and handy item? This is where we introduce you to the ‘Laptop Sleeve’.
However not all laptop sleeves allow one to fit all one needs into it.
Some are just solely built for just the laptop nothing else. But, what we’ve designed will allow you to store the much hated chords, mouse, notebooks even! What a steal! It comes with an outer zipper for accessories that you find need more space than a sleeve, less than a bag.

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Why are laptop sleeves necessary?

  • First and foremost, and also the most important thing- Protection. It protects your laptop from scratches, dents and spills. Sleeves work great for airport security, you don’t need to remove it from your bag and definitely don’t have to undergo the pain of watching your laptop go protection-less under the scanner.
  • It keeps other components like SD cards for example that you have inserted in your laptop from falling or getting damaged.
  • It keeps your laptop a little cleaner than you would have. I mean really who has got time to keep cleaning your laptop everyday?
  • Its stylish. If your laptop isn’t at least your sleeve is!
  • Its cheap and comes in various prints.

So, is a laptop sleeve is necessary for you or not really depends upon you, and your level of comfort.
If you have a dedicated, padded laptop you probably feel that you don’t need to spend your money on a laptop sleeve. But if you don’t have it a laptop sleeve is a great way to protect and care for your laptop. You can just slip it in your laptop bag!
If you are serious about protecting your laptop from damage, especially if the laptop is an expensive one the decision is made! You should have a laptop sleeve.
By adding the extra layer of protection, it provides great support for the long life of your laptop and peace of mind to you…

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