Saddle up!

July 7, 2021

A Saddlebag is pair of bags that are hung around a horse, but let’s modernise it a bit and now they are also attached to motorcycles. They are placed behind the seat and on either-side of the rear wheel, attached to a framework known as a carrier, and they are detachable. Usually made of leather or vinyl with stiffening, they are known as Throwovers and come in different shapes and sizes to be used as travel luggage or a handy temporary container for items. If backpacks are no longer you cup of tea use a saddle bag in your motorcycle and discard backpacks.

A saddle bag can be great for daily use. It can store your lunchbox, your wallet and other important or small items that you don’t want to risk keeping in your pockets. Don’t have pockets in your pants? The addle bag is here for your rescue. Basically anything and everything that you don’t want to risk can be in the safe haven called sadllebg!

No doubt a saddlebag is better than a pocket, you have to agree! But before we declare it the one true king, let’s go through some pros and cons.

Utility of Saddlebags

They are detachable- not going for a long ride? A saddlebag is also easy to swap between bikes as well if you ride more than one bike on a regular basis.
Using a saddle bag keeps your pockets free. They also definitely fit more, say a rain coat. We’ll admit, saddlebags don’t always look that good on bikes especially humongous bags on sleek race bikes, and not to toot our own horn but we make great looking and greatly durable ones.
Seriously we tried and we’ve only got one con so far which I think is resolved…

Moving on here are the essentials you must carry in your saddlebag-

Raingear- Nobody likes to ride wet in the rain. Always have raingear available. Even if it looks sunny outside, it might rain, its inevitable.

Tool kit– Most motorcycles come with a tool kit, but they are not necessarily adequate. Invest in a good tool kit. You don’t want to be stuck on the side of the road without the means to do minor repairs.

Work gloves or nitrile gloves –While repairs your hands will get dirty. You obviously don’t want to ride with dirty hands. Hence, invest in a good pair of work gloves. Alternatively, a couple pair of nitrile gloves works. They are cheap and disposable.

Flashlight– Cheap LED flashlights can really come in handy if you get stuck after dark. There are also flashlights that strap to your head leaving your hands free. Be sure to test the batteries frequently and carry spare batteries. A dead flashlight will only make your more anxious.

First aid kit– Premade first aid kids are available in the market that are complete and small in size, just perfect. Don’t forget to restock the kit and always have up to date resources.

Bottled water– Always stay hydratedWhen you are on the roadside due to an emergency stop, you don’t always know how long you’ll be there. Keep an extra bottle or two of water handy just in case.

Phone charger and/or spare battery– Given that mobile phones have become essential in modern society, don’t forget to carry a spare charger. If your motorcycle doesn’t have a battery port, you’ll also need to invest in one of these.

Properly packed, all this stuff fits in a single saddlebag, and since they come in pairs, you still have another one if necessary. Ride safe!

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