The Belt Guide

June 22, 2021

To us a belt is something we wear around our waist to keep loose pants in check! Belts until recently were not used an accessory and something that you would consider investing in. Now more luxury brands have come up with belts not necessarily for utility but just a fashion statement. And so we understand not all of us can afford luxury brands but we can surely up our fashion game. Belts are an underrated piece of accessory. From being purely utilitarian, belts can also highly impact and polish your total look. In addition to elevating your outfit they can add shape improve the fit of the garment.

Being knowledgeable about the types of belts will help you decide which ones goes best with what kind of outfit.

The Classic
It comes in black or in brown and is a must-have. This belt is a versatile piece, from being used with trousers, chinos and can of course be used as a jeans belt with a simple design and buckle making it adaptable to a platter of different styles. This belt when in a good quality leather will add polish to clothing.

Leather is the usual material of choice for this type of belt, and it started out as a boho accessory but now has shifted to mainstream clothing as well.
This belt looks best when worn overflowing tunic tops and maxi dresses as well as more formal pieces of clothing like pencil skirts.

Skinny belts are a subtle accessory that can easily take your outfit up a notch and make it look complete. It comes in bold prints and colours but since it’s skinny it can literally be used with anything without the belt grabbing all the attention!
This belt is a perfect jeans belt and also goes great with skirts that are more fitted, since if worn with loose outfits it might lose itself in the fabric.

Wide belts are another kind of statement belt. A wide belt is usually used for creating an hourglass shaped figure. If you want to cinch in your waist when wearing shapeless dresses or loose flowy dresses.

Tying a rope belt around your waist effortless styles up any outfit. They are an easy way to add structured and shape to your more casual looks. You can tie your rope belt in multiple ways, either in the middle front, the back, or even asymmetrical to one side. You can even personalize this type of belt even further with the way you decide to knot it.

Fabric belt or sash belts are a trend this year that emerged from street style. Scarves used as belts, either tied at the waist or slung low on the hips is the new cool!

We think you are ready to conquer the world of belts but before you go here is a quick set of dos and don’ts for belts-

  • Do wear the same colour of belt as your dress. It’ll make your look more put together.
  • Do store your belts and clean them properly. It will help them to last longer.
  • Do get colourful and bold coloured belts. It will make any basic outfit pop!
  • Don’t fold your belts or curl them tightly when storing them. 
  • Don’t match every single accessory to the colour of your belt. 
  • Don’t wear your belt too tight. 
  • Don’t overshadow a statement belt with other large and accessories. 

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