Which Wallet Is Perfect For You?

May 21, 2021

There are several types of men when it comes to buying a new wallet. There’s the practical gent who walks into a store, picks a simple black or brown wallet near-identical to the one he already owns, and is quite happy with his choice. There’s the rebellious youth, who wants a bold design that expresses him better. Then there are the tech lovers – those who hunt for RFID protected wallets at every store. And finally there are men who never go out to buy themselves a wallet – they simply get them as gifts and are happy with that!

Classic Wallets

The classic men’s wallet is usually available as a regular bi-fold or as a ‘standing’ wallet. A standing wallet is simply vertical rather than horizontal. While most people go for horizontal wallets, a few prefer the standing form factor as it fits into their clothing more easily.

Classic wallets tend to do great in formal environments. A brown wallet matches a brown belt or brown shoes perfectly, while a black wallet matches a black belt & black shoes.

Something Unique

Camelio was conceived with the idea that a splash of colour must be added to traditional shades of leather. We understand that a number of customers would love to experience a handsomely crafted dual tone or tri-tone wallet. Or perhaps a khadi-and-leather wallet, among the first of its kind.

Camelio: A Splash of Colour

RFID Protection

RFID enabled credit & debit cards are super convenient, but there have been cases where thieves were able to get information from these cards simply by standing next to someone carrying them! It’s not like people will try to steal your card data every day, but why take the risk? Anyone carrying RFID cards should surely invest in an RFID protected wallet.

Card Cases

Already have a wallet? Just looking for something to hold additional cards? Well, look no further. We have several kinds of card cases that can match your wallet & other accessories nicely!

Zip-around cases

Some of us need to make extra sure that nothing ever falls out of our wallet or card case. That’s why Camelio carries a line of zip-around cases. Stay secure!

Money Clips

For the ultra-minimalist, money clips are a handy way to carry a few cards and a small number of notes in a slim form factor. Retain all functionality while still carrying essentials!

Say hello to our handsome money clip, Brad.


Yes yes, there’s always that one man who doesn’t automatically think of upgrading his wallet even if it’s falling apart. And for him, we have the perfect gift ideas. You can explore our entire range and pick one that suits him best. While you’re there, how about a belt to match?

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